Animal Sculptures

Chris began creating sculpted animals while working at Orient and Flume Art Glass in the late 1990s. Some were his own creations, others were production pieces that he gave his own unique style. With Nature and Wildlife consistently in mind Chris has re-created some of these designs, and added many others, to create a growing body of work that has become the bulk of his production time. They are all classic and collectible, and unique to a piece. Each is created entirely by hand, and all-glass. Chris enjoys the process of creating these pieces, with the knowledge that each is different and ends up with its own “personality”.  These images are a representation of the piece you will purchase.  Chris tries to make them all similar, but each is individually hand-crafted out of molten glass--size, color, and "personality" will differ slightly with each piece.  Thank you for your interest!


***WARNING -- Please Contact me directly before ordering for the Holidays!  If I don't have the needed item in stock, it may not arrive for you before Christmas...Please call/email me direct to make sure I have item in Stock! Thanks for visiting Sherwin Art Glass! Happy Holidays!

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