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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I receive as a glassblower.  If you have additional questions feel free to contact me here at the studio.  Thank You!

Do you ever get burned?

When you work with molten glass at over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, there are many opportunities to get burned, especially if you are not careful.  However, although burns do occasionally occur, they rarely result in serious injury and rarely come from the glass itself at my studio.  Most burns occur from steam when shaping the glass with newspaper and wooden blocking tools that are saturated with water, touching tools that have been in contact with the glass, touching the gathering iron too close to the glass, or from hot canes of glass used during the torchwork decoration process.  Again, most burns are minor and usually involve a few choice words and scolding yourself  for being a bit careless! 

Do you do Commission Work or Memorials with Ashes?

I do take on Commission work depending on the time of year and the project involved.  I  work with other Artists, Sculptors and Designers in the New England area, as well as take on projects on an individual 'walk-in' basis.  I welcome new ideas for my torchwork designs, especially those focused on the New England area and if you see a piece that I do, but have specific colors or background choices, I can usually accommodate.  It depends primarily on the scope of the project and the time of year. 

Making Glass Memorials ("Spirit Pieces") has become a very significant part of my work, both in scope and number of pieces I am doing, but also the importance and sanctity of making each piece.  I work mostly with Dave at Spirit Pieces, for my production of glass memorials, but also most certainly welcome friends and family to come by the studio and/or contact me directly to work with me.  I work with both People and Pet ashes, and only need a small amount to complete a project.  I always do my best to make what will best comfort the individual, and offer many options. Please Contact me for additional information, and visit my Sherwin Art Glass FaceBook Page ("Spirit Pieces" Album) for some examples.

Do You Teach Classes?

I don't advertise that I teach, but have taken several High School students on for their "Senior Project" where they got to do research glass and explore an area of glassmaking they were interested in, and I assisted them in making several pieces of glass.  I have done and will do "experiences" for people; assisting/teaching them to make glass flowers, hearts, and simple paperweights and tumblers to take home.  I also have several glassmaking friends in the area who teach classes often. I'm working on a "Glass Experience" to advertise and promote on a more ongoing basis--  Please email me (sherwinartglass @ for more information!

Can I come see you work?

Absolutely!  If you're passing by the Studio you're welcome to pop in and see if I'm there; if I'm there, I am typically making glass!  My studio is open By Chance or By Appointment.  I am usually open Saturdays 10am-4pm, and 6-8pm on most third Fridays of each month for the 3rd Friday Gallery Walk in Bellows Falls, Vermont  (BF3F). For best results, PLEASE Contact me before your visit to make sure I'll be at the studio that day--Life Happens! Feel free to contact me also for more information and additional times to come visit the Studio.