Glass Paperweights

These Featured Paperweights are "What you see is what you get"!  They are what I have (photographed) in my in-studio inventory, and you can buy the piece you see, if the ":Add TO Cart" option is available...If it is not, and you only see the image and price, The piece has most likely SOLD--apologies! Get 'em while they are available!! When these weights are purchased I will do my best to update the site, but may leave the image up.  If you are interested in a paperweight that has SOLD, please contact me--in most cases I can reproduce them, pretty close to what you see, with the exception of the Millefiori closepacks.  Thank you for your interest, and patience while I continually update this new website!  I most likely have other paperweights in my studio; if your interest is in paperweights please contact me. Thank you!

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