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*** No Online Ordering at this Time...Please see the Important Notice below...Sincere Apologies for any Inconvenience. Peace, Chris

Everything you see is all Glass, "free-blown" (no molds) and hand-made here in Vermont, by Me --Glass Artisan Chris Sherwin--in my glassblowing studio running off renewable hydro-power!  Most of the work features unique and specialized "on-the-pipe" torchwork design. Each and every piece starts as a single, small gather of molten (2130 degree) glass...add a few ideas (and 28 years of glass experience!) and the results are found mostly on these pages...(with lots of additional pieces only available onsite at Sherwin Art Glass!)

Click on the icons below to take you to the individual pages for more Art Glass. Feel free to Contact me for more information on individual pieces, possible Commissions, visiting the studio to see glassblowing in progress, and/or purchasing a glass gift to decorate your own home or for someone you care about ~ "Glass is the Gift of 1000 Years!"

***Please know every piece of my glass is carefully made, cleaned & packaged safely in environmentally conscious materials ~ recycled and renewable whenever possible! I try to keep the studio well stocked with a variety of handmade art glass (glass animals and bird figurines, art glass paperweights, blown glass vases, stemless wine glasses, glass ringholders and penholders, and more!) at all times; However, if a piece you want is not currently in stock, I hand make your Order specifically for you, with every attention given to detail, and ship to you as soon as I can.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sherwin Art Glass Studio is currently CLOSED FOR THE SEASON...both in person and for Online Sales: MARCH 1, 2022 - NOVEMBER 1, 2022. 

I am taking a Seasonal Sabbatical from Glass for the first time in 28 Years. I will be the Pro Shop Manager at Hooper Golf Course in Walpole, NH for the golfing Season.  I was recruited to give them a hand in promoting this wonderful, local course and decided to take a bit of a break to give my body a rest... 

I am looking forward to Getting back to Glass in November 2022, and gearing up for the "Shop Local for the Holidays" Season.  You are still always welcome to contact me...I may have a select few items in stock, but I encourage you to also contact my galleries to see what they have onhand.  Sorry for any inconvenience, and I look forward to seeing you in the future.....please visit/contact me at the @HooperProShop and the @HooperGolfCourse (on Instagram & FaceBook too!) --I will be handling their website and Social Media platforms as well as managing the Pro Shop.

Thank you for your understanding ~ Stay Safe ~ See you in November!

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause...Thank you for visiting and supporting Sherwin Art Glass for over 17 years




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