Posted by Chris Sherwin on Jul 27th 2018

Just wanted to say a quick "I'm Sorry!" to any of you that may have tried to log in and view my website...or maybe purchase a few items!  There was a little misunderstanding between me and my domain host....all figured out now and I am hoping no further issues so please peruse the site and purchase at your leisure!  As always, I am hoping to find time to add products (paperweights, vases, add'l sculpture items, etc) to the website as I find time--need to set up dedicated on-site photo booth! :^)  Sunapee Craft Fair starts in a week--come see me in Booth #810 if you can! more info at

Also, I will be shutting down my furnace for about a month following Sunapee for a brief vacation--Fishing in Canada!--and some (hopefully minor and routine) furnace repairs/maintenance.  Hopefully back up and running by 1st week of September.  All the best to you all!  ~CHris