Apr 25th 2016

Happy Spring everyone.  Although the weather is lovely, my furnace elements have decided to misbehave and I had to shut my furnace down!  I will take everything apart today and try to show some pictures on my FB page to keep you all involved.  Hopefully, with elements on the way and a crucible onhand, my downtime will not be too long....As a glassworker, I am always most uncomfortable when there is no glow/heat coming out of my furnace, so I will be able to relax more once I have it back online.  I will keep you all posted.  I do have some work onhand, and in my galleries, if you need pieces so please feel me to contact me.  Otherwise, I will get a few things done around the house (yard raked, garden tilled, guitar played...maybe a bit of fishing!), and maybe even organize the studio and do the best I can to get back working with glass shortly!  Thanks, Chris