Virtual Annual Craftsmen's Fair

Virtual Annual Craftsmen's Fair

Jul 27th 2020

Hello All,  

Sorry to not blog much lately...if you follow my other Social Media "outlets" (Facebook and Instagram) you know I have been busy and relatively constant, trying to get through the Covid-19 pandemic situation much like the rest of you.  Open Studios--cancelled; Shows--cancelled; Galleries--closed, some temporarily (now in midst of re-opening...), some unfortunately closed for good! :^(  All this leads to a bit of upheaval for us Makers, Sales-wise, but thanks to some savings, frugality, and Covid grants/loans....Sherwin Art Glass is chugging along, even if a bit slower than before.  I am making lots of Memorial Pieces, with loved one's ashes, and that has kept me busy, and the rent paid (!) despite the loss of other sales venues this time of year.  

The biggest "hit" for me sales-wise is the cancellation of the LNHC annual Craftsmen's Fair at Sunapee....usually about 10% of my sales for the year, all in 9-days!! This would have been my 13th consecutive year.  Everyone is having to adjust, during these times, and the League of NH Craftsmen is no different.  They are trying something different this year--a Virtual Craft Fair, featuring some live demos, lots of YouTube videos (some from yours truly--Yes, I now have a YouTube below!--), and direct links to all us Craftsmen, through our websites and other Sales outlets.  We will see how it goes--please visit the LNHC website-- --for more information on the Fair this year.  We all look forward to our Sunapee (return and new ) customers, and will certainly miss all of you this year!!!  In an effort to continue some sort of normalcy I am offering FREE SHIPPING to all my customers for the duration of the Fair, August 1-10.  If you were to visit me in Booth #810 you wouldn't pay Sales Tax or Shipping, so I am extending that to all Web Purchases/Sales during the Virtual Fair.  It should show up automatically when you make a purchase off my website; if you find any issues, please let me know.

I am working on re-vamping the website as you read this, with more updates, a ("monthly") Newsletter, and Discount coupons here and there to entice your purchasing pleasure! Thanks for your patience during the transition....

Thanks so much for all your continued support; I know we will all get through this if we continue to work together and support each other through these uncertain times. Stay Safe out there everyone....all the Best, Chris